Kim B.

Tarot Cards

Kim has been a student of tarot and astrology for five years. Kim’s unique approach to reading the cards combined with her intuitive skills will help you to heal, grow and take that next step you know deep down you need to take. Kim tells YOUR story with the cards to help enlighten your path forward.

Half hour session: $44
Contact Kim at 630-202-1986 to book your time slot and pay.

Christine S.

Vibrational Bowl Massage

Everyone has a vibration that is the signature of their health and well being. With Vibrational Bowl Massage from Christine, when there is a deep relaxation through soothing, resonant sound, the body is affected on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy to move us back toward vibrational alignment with health. Release Stress and negativity for a healthy flow of energy.

30 minute vibrational bowl massage: $50
50 minute vibrational bowl massage: $75

Contact Christine at
773-852-0739 to book your time slot and pay.

Leah D.

Holistic Hypnosis

Do you have a hurt, habit, or health issue you’d love to release?  Leah’s Holistic Hypnosis is crafted especially for you, gently relaxing away those unnecessary problems, and clearing the way for more of what you DO want in your life!

Leah is a certified Holistic Hypnotist, employing highly effective varieties of change work to allow you to be free of trauma, anxiety, or pain. As you are freed from those problems, further progress can be made through self-help processes that empower you in continuing to improve your life. How does it get even better?

With an investment in yourself of 45 minutes of relaxation & only $60, we will address one issue and co-create a revitalized new you!

To reserve your transformation, please send pre-payment via Chase Quick-Pay or Zelle to 847-533-8444. Text Leah at that number to assure your time is reserved.

Lorrie P.

Raindrop Therapy Technique

Lorrie is Certified and Licensed with Natural Therapies Board as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Raindrop Technique Specialist, Spiritual Healer and more. Her passion is to see people living whole and free body, soul and spirit. She will be offering Raindrop Technique Sessions of 45 minutes in length..

Each session includes application of 9 Essential Oils to the feet and spine for the benefit of cellular cleansing  and transformation, emotional balance, structural balance, alignment, and much more. The session tends to be very relaxing, where emotional stresses and tensions are released.

Contact Lorrie @ 309-643-9942 via text to reserve your time and receive a payment link with a special offer of $55/per person for this event.

Lindsey is an amazingly gifted and talented intuitive life coach who has phenomenal knowledge when it comes to essential oils and emotions. She will be offering Aroma Dome sessions at the Retreat.

The Aroma Dome allows for the powerful delivery of therapeutic grade essential oils. As the aroma dome user lives comfortably in the enclosed aroma dome, A cold air diffuser placed up high in a special pocket, dispenses the therapeutic grade essential oils. The user is then advised to focus and direct their breathing to their area of interest. Young Living Essential Oils are the oils used in the Aroma Dome

When the oils are contained, there is a much greater opportunity to absorb them which may provide a deeper experience on all levels – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes

You will have an iTOVi scan done before the Aroma Dome so that Lindsey will know which oils will best support you at that exact time. An iTOVi scan is a handheld scanner that tests more than 200 bio-markers in the body using biofeedback similar to the technology that is used with fitbits. When the scan is complete it provides a report based on your unique bio-markers. It will recommend essential oils and supplements that may help support your body.

Investment in you: $50

To pay:

Lindsey S.

Aroma Dome Therapy