About the

Radical Self Love Program


It all started when…

The Brain-Body-Balance Beta Group was a terrific success - but Leslee realized a common need among participants to focus on healing past heartaches and removing grief from our lives in order to fully embrace the present and the future.

Presenting: “Radical Self Love”!

The RSL course is offered as a Zoom-based webinar. Focus of the course will be on working on the heart chakra and doing subconscious re-patterning centered around:

  • Healing past heartaches, whether related to love interests or people who have passed;
  • Clearing grief, sorrow, anger, fear and other negative emotions from our hearts;
  • Embracing the ideas of self-love and self-forgiveness and the growth that can result.

Meditation, coaching instruction, and subconscious re-patterning are all elements of this course.

This is an intense 6-week course, and participants must be prepared to participate at their highest and best and agree to commit to all course requirements.