Individual Coaching


Looking to create a job change? Going through a divorce? Is the past holding you back and you can’t seem to move forward? Coaching can support you in creating more of WHAT YOU WANT in life. Everyone needs support from time to time. Life happens. Things shift and evolve. I can support you when navigating the choppy waters of life.

Every Coach needs a Coach! 

Ever hear the saying that “A surgeon cannot perform their own surgery”? Well, it’s true.  I myself even have a coach, in fact, I work with several people to help keep me on “top of my game” to create optimal Mind, Body and Spirit.   It takes a village! 

I specialize in working with Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Holistic Healers and Chiropractors to support them in keeping on top of their game so they can BEST serve the planet!

Coaching Sessions are $175 per one hour session. Maximize your manifestation and sign up for one of the packages below.


Bronze Package

$1,900 - 12 pack - $200 savings

Deep cleansing for clarity on what is stopping you from moving forward. Unlock inner potential and create daily rituals that will promote positive and lasting change and growth.

Gold Package

$3,600 - 24 sessions - $600 savings

Allow your inner illumination to shine bright!

Deep cleansing and subconscious clearing to crystallize your goals and desires. Strengthen and deepen your creativity, desires and belief systems to continue you in your path to success.

Platinum Package

$6,500 - 52 sessions - $2,600 savings

A full year of partnership in support of your success!

Experience deep cleansing, subconscious change and growth. Step into your passions, gifts and person power to allow yourself to create a fulfilling life and destiny.


Are You Ready to Shift?



It’s important for a Coach to have a Coach. Working with Leslee has been an ongoing learning experience. She challenges you to do your best at all times. She is an inspiration. Her energy is effervescent and contagious. She has taught me to focus my energy, and disallow life’s drama from interrupting my goals. Every year it just keeps getting better!
— D.M.
I have experienced 5 or 6 coaching sessions with Leslee so far and can happily say that she has played a significant role in pulling me out of an overwhelming depressive state. She is a beautiful human being with all the best intentions, and is always willing to share her own experiences to help gain perspective. I trust her with my whole heart, and I know that as I continue with the sessions I will become a better and better version of myself. Thanks, Leslee, for all the good you do!
— B.F.
Leslee makes the time she spends with you so very personal. She is empathic and caring. There is no feeling that you are another number. With Leslee, I knew that my fears, hurts, needs, etc. were heard, listened to and she is pretty spot on in helping. Her heart is bigger than one could imagine. SO thankful for her in my life and her help when I’ve needed it!
— S.B.
Leslee helped me focus & tweak my “elevator speech” to succinctly describe with clarity the services I offer & to identify best strategic partners. Additionally, Leslee is a master networker who helped me make valuable connections. Gifted, inspirational & passionate, Leslee is a fabulous coach, a great investment!
— M.O.

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