"I AM WORTHY" - FUNshops

Can you ask yourself this question?

When was the last time you played for 6 hours?


Why do we not have ALL that we want out of life?

Why is it we hold back on going after what makes us happy?

What would it take for you to TRULY be PEACEFUL within?

Join Leslee Serdar for some FUN exploration within, LAUGHTER and FUN!

What can you expect when you leave if you participate?

Feeling lighter and free....

Giggly and childlike.....

Happy and Peace filled.....

Here's is what to expect......

- “Play” with your inner child for some healing

- FUN exercises to bring out your BEST attributes to play FULL OUT in life

- Intuitive Messages from Leslee on what your Inner Child most wants to tell you and most wants from your “Adult Self”

March 18, 2017

 2pm – 6pm

Soul Bliss Studio
509 Northwest Highway
Barrington, IL


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Meet your Facilitator:

Leslee Serdar , Since 2005, Leslee has been helping clients create lasting change and SUCCESS as a Life and Sales Coach, Author and Spiritual Teacher. She is a Subconscious Repatterning expert, a Life Coach Mentor and create prosperous workplaces with her "Abundance Flow" techniques. Well known as a "spiritual roto-rooter", Leslee gets down to the "root cause" of an issue and is able to support others in moving past the emotional or mental blockage and not just survive but THRIVE in their lives.