Would you love to have patients refer friends and family?

Bring in new patients/clients easily and effortlessly?

Banging your head against the wall trying to grow your practice?

Staff think Facebook or personal calls are their priority?

Looking for a way to create the perfect team to build your DREAM practice?

Traditional marketing NOT growing your practice as BIG or as FAST as you’d like?

Well then out with the Old School methods of practice building and in with the latest, most innovative Dream Practice Team Building Developments.

Custom Packages available for your particular needs and budget.


Dialoging for SUCCESS

This addresses the “self talk” and the “Negative Nellies” that get in their own way.  What if you could create a custom made dialogue asking questions to receive what you want?  What if your office was functioning at optimal peak performance JUST from a shift of perception from your staff?  This will create a whole new “expansion” from your staff on how to create bigger and better for your office.

Goal Setting

Setting goals to be able to achieve your maximum patient load and financial objectives.  This is perfect for the chiropractor individually and or for the newly created DREAM team.  You won’t be replacing your staff; you will be revitalizing your staff.  When a staff is congruent and on the same page for goals anything is possible!

Market Awareness

Unique strategies that allow energetic space for the business to be “open” for business!  These marketing techniques go beyond traditional marketing and social media venues.  Maximize awareness for all who need chiropractic care.

Attitude Adjustment Checkup

A third party perspective for your staff to make sure they are all heading in the direction that is desired by the practitioner.  This is a basic assessment to insure that staff members are the right fit for your practice.

T. O. P.

“Techniques Optimizing Potential” for every single day for the staff members to be “on point” and “present” and on TOP of their game when walking in to work for the day.

T. E. A. M.

“Total Energetic Awareness Merge” – Team building techniques to allow the staff to be in sync with one another to create an amazing day every single day.

One on One Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions are available to the staff members weekly to stay accountable and to ensure happiness.  A happy staff member = a happy thriving practice. 

Group Coaching Sessions

Group coaching sessions for the whole entire staff will create harmony and peace and will allow synchronization within the practice.  

HR Hiring

Having trouble discerning if new hires are a perfect fit for the office?  This is where a third party perspective is invaluable.  Basic personality testing and interviewing for the perfect fit is part of this offering.

Staff Clean up

Need someone “let go” from your group?  Allowing a third party person to facilitate this is sometimes best.  This can allow the Chiropractor to do what he/she does best, facilitate health.

Subconscious Re-patterning Audios

These are custom made audios in an MP4 format designed specifically to transform the limiting belief systems that impede individuals.  These belief systems are held in the subconscious which is 95% of our thinking.  Re-patterning the subconscious to allow empowering beliefs to take over for success.  These audios can be for individuals or the office staff as a whole synchronizing goals and objectives for the practice.

BONUS Energetic Imprint Checkup

A third party perspective to be able to clear up any energetic imprints that are no longer needed.  This will allow Energetic Balance within the practice.



"Step up to Success"Program


Chiropractic business is not like years gone by.  You graduate as a chiropractor, pick a town, hang your shingle and you would likely be the only one or one of two chiropractors in the town.

People who know chiropractic care came to you.  You joined the chamber.  Your spouse, parent, friend or relative was your receptionist.  Your business was an immediate and ongoing success.  And today it is different.....

You graduate as a chiropractor.  You do a marketing analysis on where your business should be located.  You hire someone for a marketing plan.  You find out you have three other chiropractors with thriving businesses in that town already.  People have choices.  What will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd? What is your particular niche?  

You join a networking group in hopes of getting people to refer you. You still hire your family to support you in the beginning.  Are you struggling to meet your expectations of having a thriving practice? Have you lost sight of the goal of WHY you started chiropractic school in the first place?  Didn't you envision healing hundreds and thousands of people with your skills? 





Let's Talk About Revolutionizing Your Practice



Leslee conducted a business retreat for our chiropractic office over a weekend last summer. She took the time to customize our experience based upon the individual and collective concerns of the office staff and myself. Through a unique combination of personal and group exercises she blew us away by with huge shifts of energy by the end of the weekend! Since the retreat our office has been busier, happier and more fun to work in. Thanks, Leslee!
— Matt G.