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Leslee has been in the sales industry for over 30 years and has had the opportunity to learn how to “read” people for buying signals. Also having traveled throughout the world on a path of self-discovery, Leslee has had the opportunity to interact with all types of people from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Ireland, England, Mexico, as well as all cultures in the Continental United States. This world travel has developed a sense of “intuition” for her that allows her to help support others in all dimensions: physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

She now teaches individual as well as people in the corporate setting how to clear subconscious patterns from limiting beliefs to empowering ones. These new belief systems support individuals into growing their businesses as well as personally helping them achieve more in their lives.


Topics listed can be delivered as keynotes, one day retreats, boot camps, and workshops.

Raising Your Emotional IQ

  • Understanding emotions in the workplace
  • Creating an emotionally safe workplace
  • Creating emotionally safe dialogue that nurtures teamwork and collaboration
  • Emotional Self Awareness
  • Forgiveness – Let go of any angst towards your co-workers, boss or “lost” sales situations.
  • ALLOW your team to GROW and create new and amazing scenarios

Stellar Communication Skills

  • How to foster relationships through effective communication
  • Key components of communicating effectively
  • Role playing and practicing new communication skills
  • Effective listening vs. hearing

How to Manage and Embrace Difficult People

  • How to diffuse a difficult situation
  • Understanding what difficult people really need
  • Techniques to create an effective interaction with a difficult person

WIN WIN Strategic Partnerships

  • How to find your “power partners”
  • Understanding the power of partnerships

Team Building – Together Everyone Achieves More

  • Techniques to create a better working relationship
  • Exercises to enhance cohesive partnerships
  • Team Goal Setting

FIRE your Inner Critic!

  • Subconscious Repatterning to eliminate impeding beliefs to more empowering ones
  • Understanding the Subconscious and what it needs to work to SERVE you
  • Exercises to eliminate self – sabotage
  • Techniques to allow you to stay present and moving forward

Enhancing your Intuition At Work

  • Learning to trust “the signs” you are hearing, feeling and seeing
  • How to gain access to your intuition
  • Techniques on how to learn what is in your “highest and best” on a daily basis
  • Exercises to be able to enhance your intuition daily


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Another great presentation by a fantastic speaker. Everyone received some very pertinent information for creating a better sales presentation and getting the sale..Thanks to our Intuitive Sales Diva, Leslee Serdar!
— J.K. | Business Workshop Participant
Loved it! This was a great interactive learning session. Leslee shared SO much information and took us through several exercises that inspired me with new insights into my business!
— M.D. | Business Workshop Participant
I just want to thank you for all the help you have given me with my online start-up business. Although I have over 10 years in sales and marketing, I just couldn’t seem to get things off the ground (probably too personally close to the issue). With your specialized attention to detail, I was able to make the necessary changes to double my sales within the fist week!

Thank you for your prompt attention to the needs of small companies like mine, making it easier to concentrate on daily production. When you know your sales staff is being trained and being held accountable by someone as persistent as you, I can do what I do best… create and make money! It is truly a wise investment and worth every penny to have you train my people. I am looking forward to working with you again and again in the future.
— Dianne M. Muldowney | Secret Messages, Inc (630) 930-8311
Leslee is fantastic! She created and facilitated a dynamic workshop at South Suburban College entitled, “Take the Fear Out of Cold Calling and Get Results.” Attended by over 20 people, Leslee immediately enticed the audience with a great icebreaker and continued to keep their interest in addressing the fears many salespeople experience when having to make those dreaded sales calls. Her wit, friendliness and vast knowledge made the first of this 3-part training a huge success. I highly recommend Leslee as a sales coach or workshop facilitator.
— Alexandra Glumac | Workforce Development Specialist at South Suburban College 708-596-2000 x 2346
I had the privilege of working with Leslee from 2009 through 2010. Leslee provided marketing leads for TDS on a semi-national basis. Leslee was instrumental in developing sales leads that led to long term clients with TDS.

If you are looking for a seasoned, professional sales manager, trainer, or contractor, Leslee Serdar should be your first phone call.
— Brian Howard | Trillium Driver Solutions, Bolingbrook, Illinois (630) 759-5200